11 Ways You Can Double Your YouTube Subscribers

You may have heard a fair number of arguments about how to get more subscribers to your channel, but you should not take advice from anybody who doesn’t know what they’re doing. So here is a list of ways to go ahead and do so.

The most important aspect that every channel needs to be aware of is to explore ways how to increase YouTube subscribers since the more subscribers, the better the growth possibilities an account can explore. They also boost engagements and ensure your content gets referred to more people on the platform.

Set up as many Google Ads as possible on the videos 

There are tons of strategies out there, to boost views on Google Ads. Just find something original, make it appealing, add value, and create quality content (this is an enormous challenge for anyone who’s new).

Create high-quality social media pages on YouTube

A large part of getting thousands of views, engagement, visitors, and subscribers is having a good social media presence. And when the video platform is taken into account, it becomes much easier to gain all that audience.

Share branded content

Share branded content on social networks and other platforms. When I post my videos or articles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, they generate organic reach and engage with readers. But if I don’t share content with these social networks on my own timeline, they won’t reach me because each one has its unique algorithms and tools

Optimize your existing content

Before you post anything, check what your current viewers and subscribers are talking about it, so that you don’t waste your marketing budget on ineffective content. Focus mainly on the content that makes sense to your subscribers. For example, a blogger can talk about productivity and hacks for starting bloggers and content creators.

Post consistently on social networks

This could be useful during times when you just don’t have access to an internet connection or when you want to attract a specific audience.


Join Facebook groups

Join Facebook groups where similar content creators discuss videos to help them become successful. Be active there, join podcasts, and start posting regular updates. Another great method is hosting monthly live chats, taking part in discussions, and watching how others get successful through their efforts.

Write books or sell them online

No matter what you do, write about what interests your audience. People want to read books when they need to refresh and focus on the topic, so being able to publish titles about your content is good for everyone.

Publish guest posts

Guest posts are written by guest writers and published on your website. Make sure you contact them on social networks like LinkedIn or your email, so they have time to read it. They will follow you back and forth.

Host online courses

Start writing down topics and teach classes on your sites. Most of the time, people don’t feel interested until they hear the class description. Instead of spending millions of dollars on expensive speakers, why not start small and make a course with minimal investment.

Offer your services

Many people don’t believe that offering something else to get paid is a smart decision. That’s not true. Once customers buy something, they need to be happy. To get happy, they have to pay. So what’s a business and its owner to deny their customers the satisfaction they need? So offer someone something for free, a service that needs their support, a product you make a profit from, a unique product, or simply a conversation you need to have with the customer and make money from it.

Ask for feedback

If you want to keep learning and improving your skills, then you need feedback. Therefore, you need to ask. Give your feedback. Tell them what went wrong. Sometimes you might think that you need more time than others.