What Is a Military Status Verification For?

As the name suggests, a military status verification serves the purpose of providing verifiable proof of active military duty. This form of verification is needed as per the regulations of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, also known as the SCRA. The federal act protects service members who are on active duty, have been called for duty, or have just retired from service. The provisions of the SCRA are to allow for servicemen and women to serve without the worry of evictions, foreclosure, and default judgment among others. According to the SCRA, creditors and other parties must perform verification of military status. The military status verification serves as proof before the court that the creditor has been thorough in their due diligence to protect the rights of the debtor.… Read more “What Is a Military Status Verification For?”

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost? Everything You Need to Know

Do you have an open case and in need of a lawyer with favorable pay rates? Hiring a lawyer is not cheap but it could help quicken your case and ensure you get justice. Consider getting yourself a good lawyer from a firm such as JaeLeeLaw. They deal with all types of cases and have an impressive client score rate. Before getting yourself a lawyer consider if it will cost you more compared to you get your issues sorted. For example, consider a laptop you recently bought and you take it to the manufacturer for repair within the period of its warranty. Unfortunately, they do not agree to repair the laptop and you decide to sue them. If the amount taken to hire a lawyer and get your case solved in court will cost more than the amount it would cost you to pay someone to repair the laptop, be wise and forgo the expensive alternative. How lawyers charge… Read more “How Much Does a Lawyer Cost? Everything You Need to Know”

How to see who views your Instagram profile?

Instagram is a great social media platform that allows you to connect with your friends and family, the lifestyle of celebrities, and to get many ideas and knowledge about the topics that you are interested in. Even though Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to interact with their followers, but it is a lot more than that. Many businesses and brands are using social media as a marketing and promotional tool because it has the highest interactivity with your followers and the daily users of Instagram are more than any other platform. Instagram is also a trending platform for people that want to be famous, such as bloggers and influencers that actively post on their profile to attract and gain more followers. The question that everyone asks is that whether you can see who viewed your profile on Instagram or not? To get more detail about this topic you can also visit https://www.simplygram.com/can-you-see-who-views-your-instagram/. Can you see who views your Instagram profile?… Read more “How to see who views your Instagram profile?”

How long do SCRA benefits last?

SCRA, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act gives military members those legal protections that are generally not available to the public at large. Service members are all those that are on duty. Alongside series members, the SCRA also covers reservists and on-duty members of the National Guard. The protection starts once the person has started their duty and tends to end 30-90 days after their discharge. You can get more information at website. Whenever service members are to be called to duty, chances are that they may experience an income reduction which could make the management of affairs difficult since service members do not get high pays for their service. The main purpose of the act is to protect these people so that their interest rates and their existing rates could be reduced and collection activity can also be lowered. SCRA benefits SCRA benefits range from small favors to large benefits. Service members have the benefits of paying low-interest rates on credit cards and security deposits. They are also given the right to continue to vote at local, state, and federal levels. Rights such as eviction prevention, suspension of professional liability insurance are also available… Read more “How long do SCRA benefits last?”
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