Should Men Wear Rings?

Men wearing rings has been a major controversy in many countries and cultures for a very long time. Whether men should where rings has been debated for many years all over the world. Rings are versatile fashion accessories that are used by all sorts of people to send a wide range of messages. Men all throughout history have used rings to demonstrate wealth, status or commitment to various fraternities or cultures. 

Here are 5 reasons why men should confidently wear rings.

1. To Symbolize a Relationship

Wearing a ring will help you indicate that you are either engaged or married. It’s not easy for the new people you meet to know whether you are already committed to a special someone or whether you are still open to love. Gold rings worn on the right fourth finger have for a long time been used by men from various cultures to show they are in romantic relationships.

2. To Make a statement

A ring is a great way to make a statement. If you find it hard to stand out from the crowd, a ring on your little finger is an easy way to do just that. Since you intend to make a statement, it’s always great to go for the flashiest designs with this type of ring. Symbolically, people who wear rings on the little finger are thought to be intelligent and decisive.

3. To Demonstrate Masculinity

If you thought rings are feminine accessories, then think again? In many cultures all over the world, men have used rings as symbols of masculinity. A simple steel ring on either of your middle fingers can make you look more confident and manly. Some men might find a ring on the pinky finger too flashy so a ring on the middle finger is an amazing way to look both strong and low key.

4. To Show Status

Donning a ring is an easy yet subtle way to show status. Throughout history, men in European societies have used rings on the index finger to show that they belong to a certain class. Since the index finger is the finger mostly used to gesture, wearing an wooden or tin ring on this finger will make people easily notice your status, class or rank in the society.

5. To Show Wealth or Influence

If you have been successful in your life and you want people to quickly notice this fact about you, rings are the way to go. If you want to look influential then you can wear a ring on your thumb. You can choose one that is broad and fits comfortably. Symbolically, thumb rings make you look distinct as the thumb is clearly isolated from the other fingers. That means that the thumb ring can also indicate that you are assertive.

Wrapping Up

Wearing a ring is rewarding. It can contribute positively to your appearance, confidence and masculinity. You express yourself more clearly when you wear rings. You feel better whether you wear gold rings or steel rings as long as you wear them right. It’s nice to dress up but when it comes to making statements, nothing beats a well donned ring.